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Logs Collection for backup alone

Created: 07 Nov 2013 • Updated: 20 Nov 2013 | 14 comments
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Is their any way to collect  backup log alone?

It is required for audit purpose.

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Just collect the logs you wish as per the above quick guide.

For backup, I guess you'll want bptm from media server and bpbkar from client.

Lots of other logs involved, but I'd image those are the two main ones.

Regards,  Martin
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What kind of information is needed for audit purposes?

What about NBU Reports?

Have a look at Backup Status and Client Backup reports.

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Hi All,

Thanks for the reply.


Totally we have around 12 backup per day.Auditors verfied the activity monitor and requested whether the detailed status of the backup job is recorded.

We conveyed it will be part of  netbackup logs, which is residing under /usr/openv/netbackup/logs and /usr/openv/logs.

But they requested for every job we need to seperately have the logs and needs to be saved for reference.

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You would probably want bpbrm from the media servers and then bpbkar from the client

For Windows clients you would also want bpfis

VMware backups are a different matter really - take a look at the link provided earlier but it is very much down to the type of backups you do and exactly what the auditors need

The troubleshooting guide and every admin guide for each agent / backup type has a troubleshooting section which lists the logs involved

Not all log folders actually exist by default so some of the logs may not actually exist

There is also the NetBackup Audit reports and viewer but it depends on yoru version as to whether that is actually enabled or now (in the netbackup\bin\admincmd\ directory is nbauditreport.exe - run that to see if that will give enough for what they need - it has various switches so run it in a cmd window and pipe the output to a file to see what you get - the full output would be nbauditreport.exe >c:\fullreport.txt but you can add start and end dates - see nbauditreport -help for full details)

Hope this helps

Authorised Symantec Consultant

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Would not it be sufficiant to pass them the bpdbjobs -jobid jobID -all_columns output?

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/usr/openv/netbackup/db/jobs/trylogs is effectivley the details in Activity Monitor.

Regards,  Martin
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I've been literally through hundreds of audits and what they need is found in the policy using bppllist
1. what servers are backed up
2. what data on the servers is backed up
3. what frequency are backups ran
4. what retentions are used
Other than that sometimes they will select specific servers and want proof that the backups have ran which I use bpimagelist -U
You also should be prepared for providing information on offsite storage environment.

Normally if given this information the auditors will just say thank you. If they want more information let them ask for it. WARNING, never volunteer to give them additional information and especially do not give them above what they ask for as it starts a long, arduous process of them continuing to come back with more questions and requests...Believe me. The less you give them the better off you are.

VERITAS ain't it the truth?

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I agree  - previously a bad decision (not by me ...) with auditors landed my team with 2-3 hours of extra work a day, to produce what was pretty much meaningless reports.

When I saw this post I was wondering why on earth you needed logs - acivity monitor details should be fine, with perhaps a little more detail required for the odd spot check on a few clients.

Aduit should really only include

1.  Are you backing the clients up / how often + what data

2. How long are the retentions

3.  If you have a failure, what steps are used to investigate

4.  Demonstrate that you are monitoring

Before audts start, you should agree what the audit will cover (for example, decide how you will monitor and confirm with the auditors that this is acceptabe).  It's at this point you don't want to 'drop yourslves' in it.

Regards,  Martin
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If you know the jobid, I would simple run following command to collect all log entries..

1) bperror -jobid <JOBID> -l > jobid.all.logs

2) bpdbjobs -jobid <JOBID> -all_columns >

I used to do this for Serbanes Oxlye auditing purpose.

I hope this help you.

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Hi All,

Thanks for the replies.

/usr/openv/netbackup/db/jobs/trylogs is seems fine for my request. It contains the data as job ID ( number)

Everyday I am getting the job details in .csv format from Symantec Opscenter and need to compare it with job Id for any reference.

I will try all the options mentioned and update you all.

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Hi Thanks to all.  I have done with the /usr/openv/netbackup/db/jobs/trylogs.

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Good choice ... ;0)

Thank you for the solution.

Regards,  Martin
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Hi Martin,

The Logs present inside the trylogs is saved on daily basis along with the details of the daily report ( Tabular backup report from opscenter).

If the auditors request me to provide with the data i have to refer to the logs with the job id.

I dono next time what will thy ask. cheeky

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The job id is the filename of the trylog.
Eg. 3435.t - the jobid is 3435

Regards,  Martin
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