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logs filling with "Unable to find a valid site server for computer"

Created: 17 May 2013 • Updated: 20 May 2013 | 3 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

I have 1104 guids that appear in my logs every 15 minutes with the error "Unable to find a valid site server for computer <guid>".

I'd like to clear up the error but not sure if I should fix a filter, have issues with how my computer asset status is changed, or something else.

I've looked at TECH174733 (Error: Unable to find a valid site server for computer). And I only have 103 user resources with blank names.

I did a join on these 1104 guids and found that 517 are user resources and 587 of them aren’t user resources.  I did a join against my vasset sql view (I use asset management) and these 587 computer guids are 90% retired, in stock, disposed assets. 

So it would appear something is wrong but not sure where to dig in.

The filter “All Task Devices” does show all these resources included the user resources.  Should user resources even be showing up in “all task devices” (all resources that are capable of having tasks run against them.)?

And what about the  computer resources where asset status isn't "Active"?

I would think the “all task devices” sql filter should be altered.

select vr.[Guid]

               from [dbo].[vResource] vr

                                join [dbo].[TaskResourceTypes] trt on trt.[ResourceTypeGuid] = vr.[ResourceTypeGuid]

Perhaps should read

select vr.[Guid]

                from [dbo].[vResource] vr

                                join [dbo].[TaskResourceTypes] trt on trt.[ResourceTypeGuid] = vr.[ResourceTypeGuid]

where vr.ismanaged = 1

But then I’m still unclear on the resources that can have tasks assigned to them (the user accounts) as they do appear in the table “TaskResourceTypes”

resourcetypeguid                                             name                 description

FD864F19-4437-4A4F-8709-58EB5E3AE0A4     User                    User Resource

2C3CB3BB-FEE9-48DF-804F-90856198B600     Virtual Machine      VirtualMachine Resource

493435F7-3B17-4C4C-B07F-C23E7AB7781F     Computer                   Computer Resource

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What version are you on? This should have been fixed in 7.1 SP2. The definition of the vTaskTargetDevices view was changed in this release.

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SP1.  If this is fixed in SP2 then it may not be an issue.  This was discovered while cleaning up errors in the logs in preparation of a clean SP2 upgrade.  Sounds like I don't need to worry about it then and just check for it to be fixed after the SP2 upgrade.