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Logs in SWV

Created: 21 Jan 2013 | 8 comments

Hi All,

I am currently virtualizing a package and added one .vbs event (postinstall). Do we have any place where i can find the logs for the installation? I basically want to check if my event or script is running or not.

Please suggest.


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There are no logs created during event action execution.

But there is nothing stopping your script(s) from writing its own log.

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But then how do i be sure if my scripts are been executed? If i see not results for the same? The next troubleshooting step?

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If you implement logging through your script and let the script differ with arguments then you would know which event that has executed the script.

You could do something like:

cscript myscript.vbs /event:postinstall


Set args = WScript.Arguments.Named

If (args.Exists("event")) Then MyLogMethod "Event: " & args.Item("event")

<end code>

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Have in mind that there is no OnEvent action called postinstall, you may want to look into the PostImport (OnPostImport) event, maybe also PostActivate.

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I guess i was not clear. I mean adding a .bat or .vbs file as a event (postInstallation) so ideally the script should be executed after activation of layer.

But if i do so . How can i make sure the Event which i have triggered has run properly? To be sure i need the location of logs which Symantec Workspace Virtualization tool should generate.


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Neither the SWV filter driver nor the SVSAdmin will generate any log files for any events.

Through logging and error trapping you can verify your script's (batch, vbscript...) actions.

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Oh I see thanks for this information.


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After looking into the conversation found that no logs will get through swv events. If so, why do we go batch file instead vbs in the events. As i came to know we can keep the vbs in the data event and call the vbs through other events like (PostInstall or PreExecution ...) when look into the reason why we keep the vbs into the data event is - the vbs not executing directly and it is running through other events. 

Here my question is - Why Do we go for DATA event for placing vbs. Instead we can call the vbs directly to the event which we require right. 

what i feel is if the vbs having any log info then we can go and use in any event direclty otherwise we need to use DATA for keeping vbs file. If my understanding is right then there is some communication between the BATCH file and streaming. 

However, could you please clear me on this.