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Looking for best practice to setup pcAnywhere printer

Created: 18 Nov 2011 | 3 comments

Hi, all.  I'm looking for guidance towards the best practice for setting up a pcAnywhere printer.  At my company, our remote sites each have one file server that is accessed by many individuals from different departments at the coporate office.  The file servers are accessed through pcAnywhere 11.5 and have a pcAnywhere printer installed with the HP Laserjet Series II driver (don't ask why, that's the way it was when I started).  This setup has worked fine for years with various models of HP Laserjet and Brother MFC printers that were used in the corporate office, however, recently we started enforcing duplex printing through our print server and now with one specific model of printer (HP Laserjet P4015dn) print jobs will not print two-sided.  Jobs from the remote printer always print one-sided regardless how the printer at the corporate office is configured.  I changed the driver on the remote server from HPLJ Series II to P4015dn and it worked fine so I think the problem lies with how we have the pcAnywhere printer configured.  My guess is that we are not using the pcAnywhere printer as intended so I wonder if there is documentation available somewhere that tells how to properly setup and configure the printer.  Also, I wonder what the best practice is for office's like mine where many people access the same server but don't necessarily have the same model of printer.  Thanks, for your help.

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I think the user guide has it listed.   The pcAnywhere printer on the host  (the machine being controled)  is where you need to make the changes to set duplex.    The idea is when you print you select the pcAnywhere printer.   This then transfers a job to your local default printer and prints with the local default settings.     If you can change your local printer to default to duplex and set the pcAnywhere printer on the host to default to duplex you should be good.

Hope that helps.    I used to use remote printing but it isn't supported on 64bit hosts.  All my new systems are windows 7 64bit hosts.


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I was able to find the documentation for PCAW 11.5 and saw where it says to use the correct driver on the host for the printer being used at the remote site.  According to that statement, we are in violation of protocol (but that doesn't suprise me).  Is there any recommendation for an office setup like mine where multiple users with different printer models connect to the same server and need to print documents?  Right now I can only think that I will have to install multiple PCAW printers each with a different driver that matches the printers we use in our office.

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You have it there.   That or change the driver each time you connect.   The HP laser drivers you mentioned are very generic and many applications and printers can understand them.  That is why they were so solid and often an option for old school dos programs as one of the defaults.  

You can set up multiple pca printers or change the driver each time are the only things I can think of at this time.


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