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Looking for drivers for adding to boot wizard for PE-512

Created: 28 Aug 2012 • Updated: 30 Aug 2012 | 7 comments
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I was succesfull after a few days of experimenting with different drivers for a Dell 790 and was able to connect with ghostcast server and create a image. I ended up using a vista driver for that paticular NIC. I read that the win PE enviroment only likes Vista drivers is this true?? Im attempting to connect a Dell R710 with a Broadcom BCM5709C NetXtreme II GigE this time and before I go nuts trying every single driver I find maybe I can get some info. Thanks 

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The version of WinPE shipped with Ghost Solution Suite is based on the Vista 32 bit kernel. Since WinPE is the operating system in control of your hardware, you therefore need to add Vista 32 bit drivers via Ghost Boot Wizard whenever you need to support new hardware.

The utility described here:  will give you a list of all plug and play device IDs on your system, assuming you have a working operating system on there already.  Once you have found the device ID for your NIC, you can then check the INF file of any candidate driver software to see if the device ID is supported. The drivers you add need to include at least an INF, CAT and SYS file and often include other files such as DLL files.

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Thank you for clarifying that!! The dell im currently trying to make a image of is running so I can try out that utility. Were bascially doing this so we dont have to spend almost a full day setting up the server OS with our software. Im going to mess around with it today thanks. 

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Ah quick question about this utility is there any difference between running this and going into the device manager and reading that info about the NIC?

If thier is no difference then then Broadcom offers server drivers for the Nic which wont work. I did however find this

"Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP and Windows Vista are no longer supported by current chipsets. Support for older devices under these and other legacy operating systems is only available in the legacy."

And once I opened up the vista zip from broadcom im given the following files which can be seen in the screenshot ive attatched. Ive ran the exes and unlike other driver exe's which would give you a choice on where you want the drivers to be extracted, these exes are not giving me that choice unless im not seeing them.

-Do you see anything in the screen shot that might give me a clue on where the drivers would be??

-Also if you have a folder that might contain the drivers and other files would the ghost boot wizard throw out an error or will it figure out what is supposed to be a driver and disregard the other files?

screen shot vista drivers.png
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The screen shot appears to be of an MSI installer which will install the necessary files on a  target system.

Review this article: and you can search on other postings I've made on the topic of DRVLOAD - basically this is a quick way of checking whether drivers are going to work by loading them dynamically at the WinPE command line.

My article here:  discusses how you can roll your own version of WinPE 3.1 which can use Windows 7 drivers, but its a generic document and not specifically intended to work with Ghost.

My utility generates the same Device ID list that you would get from device manager, but it also gives you information about which INF file the driver is using, which can sometimes be helpful as well.

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I was looking at your utility and to be honest with you im a bit lost lol. I have no coding experiance and I see something about Visual Basic. I was expecting an exe or something like that. 

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I actually got it to work using Broadcoms Remote Install drivers meant for server 2003..I dont know why it worked since they are not Vista drivers but im quite happy. Almost a week into this and we have a connection lol! Thanks so much EdT for your help and guidance!

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Microsoft's server and workstation products share a substantial chunk of code, including the driver model.

If I recall correctly, both Vista and W2K3 server work to the same windows driver model, so if the 2003 drivers have the correct device ID in their INF file that's most likely why the drivers loaded OK.

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