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Looking for a generic script to search UNIX\Linux txt files for a string on SMP 7.1

Created: 14 Nov 2012 | 2 comments

I was wondering if anyone had a generic UNIX\Linux script on SMP 7.2 Inventory Solution that they had already tested that would search for a specific file and then search for a specfic string returning either that line or the whole file (or some variation of this that's easily tweaked!)

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Hmmm... I have written a number of Bash shellscripts to do things similar to this. You are asking for a tall order if you are looking for the WHOLE FILE and this would take a lot of time to write (I did this many years ago).
Getting a single line is much more reasonable and is reasonably simple to do.
However, I am not sure exactly what you want? what is your ideal scenario?
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I didn't really mean the contents of the file just the filename and say, path.

It is just the 1 line I would be looking for.

So in the example of 'client.conf' I was looking for generic scripts that would search for the file first and where present

(1) Search for the string 'Server-1' and return that line if found or even simpler

(2) Search for the string ' and return a TRUE

# This is the Altiris Server name agent is working with.


Is this similar to the scripts you've written before ............?