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Looking for ideas - 'minor' issues following upgrade from 6.5.4 to 6.5.6

Created: 15 Nov 2010 • Updated: 16 Nov 2010 | 5 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

Had a few moments to spare this afternoon so took the opportunity to upgrade our Solaris 9 master/media to 6.5.6 & have now encountered a couple of minor issues with the Windows Admin Console (on XP) that I would like suggestions for me to try tomorrow when I'm back at work!

Also had to install 6.5.6 client on my PC as for some reason that appears to have been tied down to the master server version (new to me!) - i.e. 6.5.4 Admin Console couldn't connect to 6.5.6 master!

Anyway, onto the issues:

1) When trying to drill-down into a policy I get the usual "Please wait, loading data classifications" followed by a pop-up warning "Unable to fetch data classifications. Status: 0. Request has timed out". On clicking [OK] to clear the pop-up the policy promptly loads (well, it's not 'prompt', but you know what I mean!)

2) When entering Media Management I get the following "Error connecting to Media Manager on <master>: network protocol error (39)" & then no media, volume pools etc displayed.

Java GUI OK from same PC (certainly for issue 2). Activity Monitor OK. Jobs running. So other than the above 2 issues (so far) everything seems OK.

All ideas welcome. Will try to resolve when I'm back in the office, otherwise it's going to be a roll-back to 6.5.4.

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No answers - just found this post by Ed Wilts who experienced problem 1 on NBU

I don't see a solution, but I'm pretty sure that Ed would've found a solution. Hopefully Ed is online and can let us know?

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Ed: "Normally my memory is pretty good but I don't recall this at all. I searched my email and all I found was a comment that I restarted nbsl and the problem was resolved. If you're using NOM, remember that it talks to nbsl heavily so make sure you're not running an old NOM."

To which:

Me: "No NOM unfortunately.
Might roll-back to 6.5.4 anyway as we're also having issues in the Windows GUI displaying media (error conn to MM n/w protocol error 39) - that's if I can't sort that out tomorrow when I'm back in the office!"

Thanks Marianne. Have a few things to check tomorrow but not confident so may have to just roll-back which hopefully won't be a big issue. Will keep you posted.

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Checking the nbconsole log ('normal' verbosity) the last entry after a failed attempt to access Media under Media & Device Management was:

07:38:33.973 [3592.3344] <4> vmdb_start_oprd: vmdb_start_oprd request status:  successful (0)
07:38:54.597 [3592.3344] <2> get_long: (1) cannot read (byte 1) from network: Connection timed out.
07:38:54.597 [3592.3344] <16> read_string: unable to get record string from socket: Error number:  (10060), stat=-3
07:38:54.597 [3592.3344] <16> startOprd: oprd is not ready:  network protocol error (39)

So searching for the string "oprd is not ready" in my favourite KB ( ;) ) resulted in the following:

network protocol error 39 when adding new devices to a media server

Now I know I wasn't adding new devices to a media server, but hey...

The recommendation was:

"...The call which the NetBackup Administration Console makes to the media server has a timeout threshold of 20 seconds by default.  If it takes longer then 20 seconds for the media server to respond, the NetBackup Administration Console will timeout and generate the network protocol 39 error.

The timeout can be adjusted upward by launching the NetBackup Administration Console and navigating into View > Options > Administration Console .  Locate and modify the "GUI connect timeout" from the default of 20 seconds to something higher.  ..."

So I duly upped my timeout to 200 seconds & I can now see my media and there's no error message when loading policy details! The only problem I now have is that accessing these two 'problem' areas is as fast as a three-legged dog & I'm not sure whether that is purely as a consequence of the upgrade or whether it's the timeout - I'll have to have a little play with the timeout & see but I doubt this will make much difference.

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Thanks for getting back to us Andy!

This will definitely help someone else in future. Will mark your post as solution.

Supporting Storage Foundation and VCS on Unix and Windows as well as NetBackup on Unix and Windows
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Ooops! Sorry, forgot about that! blush

Not happy that this needed investigating & certainly not happy with the delay in opening these areas of the GUI but I suppose we'll have to live with it for now. Next step NB7(.0.1) if I can pluck up the courage......

Thanks again M.