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Looking for Information relating to personal Data removal on Ipad remotely via App Center

Created: 14 Aug 2013 | 2 comments

I am loking for some information regarding remote data removal via App Center.  We are using is as an MDM for the Ipad project we have started this year.  I would like to be able to remotely remove a previous users data (apps, photos, personal email accounts and contacts) and prepare it for use for another user.  Currently we are having the device sent back to home office for re-imaging (using configurator) on the Macbook Pro.  This removes all data and replaces with a fresh image.  If the image has not changed, I dont see a reason for the device to return other than to be completely wiped.  Any suggestions please?

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The ipad is supervised?! And App Center has MDM active on the device? Wiping the Device(Full not the selective) should "factory" reset it to the point you imaged it with the configurator. If you included the App Center App in that image its just about sending the new provision info for the new user.

Just my theoretical thoughts. Didn't play enough with it yet.

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Sascha is correct- if the device is managed via MDM with App Center, a "Wipe" command can be executed against it, setting it back to factory defaults.