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Looking for The list of Backup Exec Job stauts codes

Created: 20 Jul 2009 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 2 comments

Hi everyone

I am looking for the list of job status codes in Backup Exec. I am writing a script , using the bemcmd command line to get the the backup job status.

So, I need the that list scripting purpose

any help is appreciated !

thank you

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Job Status Code Description

JOB_STATE_CANCELED = 1 The job has been terminated because it was canceled.

JOB_STATE_COMPLETED = 2 The job has completed and is waiting for final disposition.

JOB_STATE_SUCCESS_WITH_EXCEPTION S = 3 The job has completed successfully with some exceptions.

JOB_STATE_DISPATCHED = 4 The job has been dispatched.

JOB_STATE_HOLD = 5 The job is on hold.

JOB_STATE_ERROR = 6 The job has completed with an error.

JOB_STATE_INVALID SCHEDULE = 7 The schedule for the task is invalid. The job will never run.

JOB_STATE_NOT_IN_WINDOW = 10 The job's scheduled time window closed before the job could be dispatched. There may not have been an available device during the time window.

JOB_STATE_READY_BUT_PAUSED = 11 The job is ready, but the media server is paused.

JOB_STATE_PENDING = 12 The job is in a transitional state.

JOB_STATE_RECOVERED = 13 During startup, Backup Exec detected that a job was active when the server was shut down, and that the Checkpoint restart option was not enabled for this
job. The job history log has been marked JOB_STATE_RECOVERED, and the job has been scheduled to restart immediately

JOB_STATE_RESUMED = 15 During startup, Backup Exec detected that a job was active when the server was shut down, and that the Checkpoint restart option was enabled for this job.
The job history log has been marked JOB_STATE_RESUMED, the job has been scheduled to restart immediately, and the job flag has been set to indicate checkpoint restart.

JOB_STATE_ACTIVE = 16 The job is currently running on the server.

JOB_STATE_READY = 17 The job is eligible for dispatch.

JOB_STATE_SCHEDULED = 18 The job has a due date in the future.

JOB_STATE_SUCCESS = 19 The job has been completed successfully.

JOB_STATE_SUPERCEDED = 20 The job is ready, but another higher precedence task is eligible to run.

JOB_STATE_THRESHOLD_AUTO_ABORT =21 The job was canceled because it was not completed within the number of hours or minutes that were set for the Enable automatic cancellation option on the job schedule.

JOB_STATE_TO_BE_SCHEDULED = 22 The job needs to have the due date calculated.

JOB_STATE_LINKED_JOB = 23 The job is linked to another job, and will not start until that job is finished

Hope this helps !!!

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I noticed this list was missing some entries so I was trying to find a way to get the other status codes...

What I ended up doing was setting up filters in the console, then going to:

C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Symantec_Corporation\BkupExec.exe_StrongName_(bunch of characters)\12.5.2213.140\user.xml

You'll have to go down till you find <Filter name=

For example:
                        <Filter name="Blocked by Template Rule" description="">
                                <FilterCriteria name="SchJobStatus">
                                        <anyType xsi:type="xsd:int">25</anyType>

As you can see, I selected Blocked by Template rule in my filter and named it such. The associated status code is 25 (from the <anyType> field for SchJobStatus)

Also, if anyone is using SSRS, here's my case statement in the query which makes processing these easier:
 'Status' =
  WHEN CurrentStatus = 1 THEN 'Cancelled'
  WHEN CurrentStatus = 2 THEN 'Completed'
  WHEN CurrentStatus = 3 THEN 'Exception'
  WHEN CurrentStatus = 4 THEN 'Dispatched'
  WHEN CurrentStatus = 5 THEN 'On Hold'
  WHEN CurrentStatus = 6 THEN 'Error'
  WHEN CurrentStatus = 7 THEN 'Invalid Schedule'
  WHEN CurrentStatus = 8 THEN 'Invalid Time Window'
  WHEN CurrentStatus = 10 THEN 'Missed'
  WHEN CurrentStatus = 11 THEN 'Paused'
  WHEN CurrentStatus = 12 THEN 'Pending'
  WHEN CurrentStatus = 13 THEN 'Recovered'
  WHEN CurrentStatus = 14 THEN 'Resource Disabled'
  WHEN CurrentStatus = 15 THEN 'Resumed'
  WHEN CurrentStatus = 16 THEN 'Running'
  WHEN CurrentStatus = 17 THEN 'Ready'
  WHEN CurrentStatus = 18 THEN 'Scheduled'
  WHEN CurrentStatus = 19 THEN 'Success'
  WHEN CurrentStatus = 20 THEN 'Superceded'
  WHEN CurrentStatus = 21 THEN 'Abort (Time)'
  WHEN CurrentStatus = 22 THEN 'To Be Scheduled'
  WHEN CurrentStatus = 23 THEN 'Linked to Another Job'
  WHEN CurrentStatus = 25 THEN 'Blocked by Template Rule'
  ELSE 'Unknown ' + Convert(varchar, CurrentStatus)