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Looking for stub listing script

Created: 21 Oct 2013 | 3 comments

We have finished migrating Exchange EV9 archives to EV10 and replacing shortcuts. Both EV systems are still online and we strongly suspect the odd stub is still pointing to EV9. Does anyone have s script to trwal mailboxes and list stub info ? The target site name would be adequate.

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You might use a powershell script to identify the EV shortcuts and go through the properties. This MS forum post has some PS code to get all messages with a certain message class:

However, if you suspect that you have some shortcuts pointing to the old EV 9 server, you might want to consider using the registry key RestoreShortcutBody:

How to modify shortcut content without restoring archived items - RestoreShortcutBody

Just keep in mind the following:

"The RestoreShortcutBody process will generate considerable load on the Enterprise Vault server(s) and the Exchange server(s). It will access and rewrite every shortcut that exists in the selected mailbox(es), and it will access the related saveset file for each of these shortcuts. It is not uncommon to see great increases in the amount of activity in the Exchange transaction logs or decreases in the responsiveness of the Enterprise Vault server while the process runs".

I hope this helps.

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It means you want list of all archives whos archives is pointing to old archives .

Please describe with some example.



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what did you use to migrate them? all of them do a shortcut fix up
The restoreshortcutbody won't help at all, if you keep them both online, you can change your mailbox policy to use the webapp URL

so like


Then any shortcuts that have a property pointing to the old site, it will go to that EV Server
That being said, at somepoint you will want to turn the old site off, but your best bet is troubleshooting the migration utility you used to determine what shortcuts it couldnt update, or why it couldnt update etc