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Loosing codes of paid Apps when the profiles are deleted from the device.

Created: 01 May 2013 | 1 comment's picture

Hello All,

I recently deployed 3 sets of paid apps to 50 users through the symantec App Center. When i upgraded the agent version or during some of the updates the devices fail to update. Installation of the MDM is only sucessful once the profiles is deleted from the device and reinstalling the App Center. I am not aware if any one had similar issues. If any one had the same problem, please keep me posted on the causes and if any remedy available.

Back to the Apps, when the profiles where deleted, the paid apps also were deleted, but still remained on the device, in the purchased section of the iOS App store. But afte the re-installation of the App Center again, it uses new codes, from the inventory. In some cases a pop up error stating" ...The previous version of the App was installed without MDM and so it cannot be updated via MDM.Please remove the previous version from the device and install new version again".

Has anyone experienced the same issue,please your suggestions and advices on the same will be of great help.


Anoop Paul

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Hi Anoop,

A VPP app license is supposed to be associated with the user's / device's Apple ID. Reinstallation of said VPP app on the same device, with the same Apple ID / user, should not use an additional license. Did the user / Apple ID on the affected device change? If so, that would explain the additional consumption of the license. If the Apple ID remained the same on the device, this is not expected behavior and you may need to contact Apple Support.

Regarding the uninstallation, this is by design if you have MDM app installation enabled. Prior to the latest App Center release, version 4.1.5, this was a global setting under: Settings > Device Management > "Install iOS native apps via MDM (for devices running iOS 5.x)". If this is enabled, and the MDM profile is uninstalled from the device, any app which was installed while this was enabled will subsequently be removed with the MDM profile. If this option is disabled, the apps will not be removed when the MDM profile is removed (note: the setting is not "live", it is statically effective for any app which was already installed via MDM / without MDM. Changing the setting does not change the effect of any app which is already installed on the device(s)).

In 4.1.5, MDM app installation is now much more granularly defined at the app level. Each iOS app has its own setting as to whether or not it is to be installed via MDM. This setting is viewable / editable by editing the app. The setting which exists under: Settings > Device Management, is now a default setting, as opposed to a global setting.

Let me know if this is of assistance, and if you have any other questions