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Lots of 41168 FSA Events

Created: 28 Jul 2010 | 5 comments


I'm running EV 8 SP4 and getting lots of 41168s every night:

Source:        Enterprise Vault
Date:          28/07/2010 06:34:45
Event ID:      41168
Task Category: File System Archiving Task
Level:         Warning
Keywords:      Classic
User:          N/A
Validation for placeholder \\\F$\SHARED\E & E\GIS\MAPINFO\LAND\ALS2008\Emp2008xtra.MAP failed.

The only knowledge base article for this that I've found ( doesn't apply as I'm not using Celerra.

In the FSA report the file seems to have been archived fine:

28/07/2010 06:34:45 \\\F$\SHARED\E & E\GIS\MAPINFO\LAND\ALS2008\Emp2008xtra.MAP 19456 Shares FSA Volume Policy All ARCHIVE Archived CREATESHORTCUTSIMMEDIATELY ShortcutCreated

Looking at the file I see the placeholder and the EV service account has full control of it.

So why the errors?



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RahulG's picture

1) Add faulting application process to the DEP exclusion list
2) Add the program executables suspected of recalling files to the FSA registry exclusion list

Mohawk Marvin's picture

You might have to dtrace this and see why it is producing exceptions.

Does the file have an O attribute? Does it recall correctly? If it doesnt recall, can you find it on the backend of EV?

Paul Daley's picture

Which faulting application do you mean?
I've not seen any DEP errors, but have changed the setting to just essential programs and services only.
The item is marked as offline and does recall OK.

Which if the 88 trace options should I set for this?

Thanks for your replies...

Mohawk Marvin's picture

I am a sad panda, some one has marked me down for my last post. Would love to know who and why....

There should be an FSA Archive task or something similar and should be apparent, if not trace everything FSA related :)

Paul Daley's picture

I ran a dtrace with a trigger for the event id - see attached.

Not sure if it helps..!

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