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Lots of items in the A6 queue -enterprise vault 10 sp4

Created: 28 Aug 2013 • Updated: 10 Jan 2014 | 6 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.


I have a lot of message (Users)  in A6 queue and it`s take a long time to process them.

I know that Every folder with a shortcut is being added to the A6 queue for moved item processing even when nothing has moved.

the enterprise vault server configured on the move item.

how can I stop this behavior  ?


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You're saying that EV is adding every single shortcut to the queue regardless of where they used to be located? That definitely shouldn't be the case, and if you're absolutely sure about that, then you may want to call in a case.

The easiest way to tell, is in the properties of the messages that are added, take a look at a couple of them, where that message is located , and the subject etc, then stop the Archiving Task

Go to the mailbox and find the item in question, if you then select the message shortcut, have a look at the Archive ID associated with it, either through Outlook Spy, or through the Tech Information screen and go to Selected Item Properties

(if you use Outlook 2010 or 2013, select the item, then go to the File Tab, then go to Enterprise Vault and select the "Additional Support Information" link ..... in Outlook 2003 or 2007, you can go to Help -> About Enterprise Vault -> Tech Information)

In the Selected Items Properties, you will see the Archive ID, copy the archive ID
then go to the Vault Admin Console, and hold CTRL-SHIFT and right click "Archives"
From there, select Find Archive or Folder and then paste in the ID you copied

This should return the Archive and folder information
So if you have a shortcut thats in \Inbox\Subfolder1\ within Outlook, and you paste the ID in to the Find window in the VAC and it shows a folder of \Inbox\Subfolder2\ then you know the item has been copied, because the shortcut has the folder ID of where it was either originally archived or last moved to, so the entry in the A6 is completely valid.

You could also test out your theory of its putting everything in there, and just wait till the A6 queues are 0 or purge the queue, and then perform a Run Now with Shortcut Processing only and run it against yourself.

After that in theory, you should see that the A6 queue fills up with every single one of your shortcuts
And if this happens, and you've verified that they definitely haven't moved, then it sounds like a bug and should be reported to symantec

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I check It and all of the item added to A6 queue

I read the technote that relate to ev9 and not ev10

Supplemental Materials

Source ETrack
Value 2254981

Every folder with a shortcut is being added to the A6 queue for moved item processing even when nothing has moved.

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According with that TN, that issue should be fixed in EV 9.0.2 and in 9.0.1 with the CHF mentioned on that technote. What version of EV are you running? If you believe that you are experiencing the same issue, I'd recommend you to open a case with support to confirm if this is the case.

I hope this helps.

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Then you should contact Symantec Support, reference that ETrack and have them take a look to see whether its the same issue or whether there is something else going on

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We are working with EV 10 SP4

I will open a case.

thanks Ronen

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Hello together,

we see the same in our system after upgrade to 10.0.4.

most of the entries are comming from shortcut processing.

From admin point of view, it looks like the system hangs or won´t work with the queue after identifying the moved folder and creation of the entry in A6 queue.

I will open a case, too.

It will be nice to hear from you, Ronen Tzimbel, if you got new information from your case. I will do the same. :-)


Thilo Schweizer