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Lotus Domino Agent slowing down

Created: 19 Nov 2013 | 14 comments

Hello everyone,

I have a Backup Exec 2010 R3 installation with SP3 installed. I am backing up a domino server with the domino agent functionality. When backing up database files from Domino I noticed that transfer rates start at full speed but gradually slow down over time. For testing I have created a local backup-to-disk folder and included a handful of notes files of different sizes in the backup task. The slowdown occurs no matter what files I select large or small ones. The backup exec server is a physical box and the notes domino server runs on vmware esx.

Task manager's network monitor shows usage of around 80-95% on a gbit port at first. However, after approximately 7 or 8 GB of backed up data the rates drop down to around 30-(max)50% percent.

I think that it is not a network problem, because when copying the same files using Windows file copy from the notes server to the backup server I get constant transfer rates of 80-90% with speeds around 100MB/s from start to finish.

Does anyone have any idea? Is there some option in notes that slows down the backup operations?

Thanks for your comments.

Best regards


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If you are using DAOS, there will be a slow-down due to the extra processing involved.

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What is the version of Domino that you are using?

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Please confirm if the Domino version and its service pack are supported

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sorry for missing all those little important details in my post. The Domino server is running 8.5.2 FP2. According to CL it should be supported.

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Check that there are no Domino housekeeping jobs, like fixup or compacting, running at the same time as your backup.

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the jobs you mentioned are scheduled to run on the domino server every day at 7, 8 and 10pm. Backup speeds do not make a difference when running during the AM (I know there is some user traffic on it, but average network usage is around 0 - 5%) or during the hours mentioned.

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You run your backups in the morning when normally users use Domino?  This will slow down the backup.

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No. This was just a test. When I tried the backup operations there was no user activity on the server. I meant general user traffic on the network. Since I tried file copy vs. notes agent with the result of file copy running at 100MB/s on a GBit link, I think that user network traffic does not influence anything here. The strange thing is that it starts to run really fast and then slows down...

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You cannot compare a backup with a file copy.  A backup has a lot more processing then a file copy.

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Has this worked earlier, with the identical setup?




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But how can the slowdown be explained? It is starting really at fast speeds then gets slow...


I can't tell for sure. I just noticed that my backups got slower and slower and I was noticed that all backups run as they were before just notes got slower..

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I am having the exact same issue.

Window 2008 R2 SP1 server OS, Backup Exec 2010 R3 with all hot fixes installed.

Lotus Domino 9.1 server, Windows 2008 R2 SP1 server OS using Lotus Domino Agent in a VM

Backups were flying along


1 week later. No changes, No upgrades, No changes to the selection job. And the thru put went down to 900 ish MB/MIN or even lower. Wasnt able to get the backups done on the weekend when everything was totally quiet within 36 hours.

Would like to know what solution was found. Thanks!

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Domino 9.1 is not supported.