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Lotus Notes crash after DLO client install

Created: 12 Oct 2011 | 5 comments


We have Lotus Notes R5 and have BE 2010 R3.

we were using the DLO to take backup.

After installation of DLO agent on the client system, it is successful.

When the user loges in and starts the Lotus notes its cresh with erroe:-

"NLnotes encounter a problem and need to close".

When I an unisntalling the agent there is no error.

Can any one help me in this...

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See if the below link helps

I don't think R5 is supported version

Please check the SCL to confirm


Thanks & Regards

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I have found a link as below:-

But the above link have no clear solution.

Any one have a idea...


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Mrinal Sarkar

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We have seen similar issues where the Lotus Notes console terminates when DLO agent in installed on the client machine. This is true even when you are not selecting any Lotus data for the backups (so need not focus on if the version of Lotus is supported by BE or not if you are not selecting it in BE DLO).

Currently there is an pre-release fix available to resoleve this issue. If you have a support contract then I would suggest you to open an official case so that we can provide the pre-release fix after confirming the issue.

Here is the technote for this issue  (not sure why but its no opening at this moment.  Should be up soon. You can keep it for reference.)



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What OS are your clients on ?

Please note that Lotus Notes R5 is more than 10 years old. Do you have plans to update it to a more recent version ?

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Hello Sash,

Yes you were right the link is not opening, requesting for symaccount, but I have provided with my ID, stil does'nt worked...

And also u were right I have not planned for the lotus backup through DLO, thus there will be no issue for the compatability.

I have done a work around:-

I am deleting this below line in the "notes.ini"(path - ...\lotus\notes)


And then its working, i.e. no error massage nor the lotus notes is creshing.............wink

and also I have found a some system which do not have the above line is working....cheeky

But I have found a system which do not have this line(EXTMGR_ADDINS=nDLOLNEMFileWatcheru.dl) in the notes.ini file is still not working.

I have no idea what exactly the issue is.....blush

Zerocool : Thanks for your reply. Yes we were planning for the Lotus R5 to be upgrade... The client OS is Win XP SP2.

Thanks a lot...

Let see ....and hope for the best....enlightened

Certified Symantec Professional.

Work mostly with Netbackup, Backup Exec, Storage Foundation, DLO and System Recovery

Mrinal Sarkar

Howrah, India