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Lotus Notes integrated archive search does not work

Created: 18 Oct 2009 • Updated: 22 May 2010 | 3 comments
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I am in the process of implementing EV 8.0 SP2 for Domino Archiving. The Domino server version is 8.0.1. Everything is complete and the archiving works fine, I can archive items, retrieve it , no problems, but when i try using the integrated archive search in lotus notes client it does not work ,i just see the search button and when i search for any string it just hangs. When i try accessing the archive explorer from the web using IE it prompts me for the username, password and Domain, when i give those credentials it just gives me invalid credentials. I have set up SSO on the EV domino Gateway as per the guide and i am using the Internet Password when i try to login to the archive search. Any ideas on this issue??
Another issue i am facing is with the Offline Vault Cache. I enabled the Offline Vault cache from the desktop policy and i have selected not to enable it automatically but let the user decide but i do not see any options in the lotus note client where the user can enable it? Also if i keep it to automatic and do the local replica it does not populate the archived items?? Help is much appreciated on these issues


Majid Kazi 

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The challenge with Domino search it is that the search must be performed by IIS while the credentials come from Domino. That´s the reason it is crucial to have properly setup the Single Sign On.

First of all in the location document check the Internet Browser setting and ensure that it is "Notes with Internet Explorer".

For obtaining further information of the reason that it is making the search to fail, we need extra logging. 

In the EVDG dtrace the nhttp.exe process and log the results to a file.

set nhttp.exe v
log c:\nhttp.log

Also enable HTTP Request Logging.

For doing that ensure in the notes.ini that inotes_wa_gzip_disable=1

tell http debug thread on
tell http  debug postdata on
tell http debug responsedata on

Try to perform a search.

The content of c:\nhttp.log in the EVDG and also the log file created in IBM_TECHNICAL_SUPPORT with the format htthr_<pid>_<tid>_<YYYYMMDD@HHMMSS>.log 
should return some information of why the searching it is failing.

Remeber to switch off the debug

tell http debug thread off
tell http  debug postdata off
tell http debug responsedata off

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Thanks Gonz for the reply ... i will do the dtrace and check the logs and see if i can troubleshoot it. Will let ya know.



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Did you manage to obtain the logs?.

Let us know.

Kind regards. 

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