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Lotus Notes JPG File Red Cross and Red Frame without Image SEP 11

Created: 09 Jul 2009 • Updated: 22 May 2010 | 1 comment

Hi guys

We are working with a SEP 11 MR4 and Windows 2003 Server.
Scan Details:   I activated Lotus Notes auto-protect on the SEP Management Console. I selected scan all files including compressed files.
Actions:   I didn't change anything from default

If i get a mail with a jpg file the picture won't be displayed in the client. I only see a red cross on the top left and a red frame. No picture.

What do I have to change?

Thank you

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By default, Auto-Protect scans Lotus Notes email attachments. You can customize
the scan settings.
You can click Help for more information about the options that are used in the
To configure Lotus Notes Auto-Protect
1 On the Antivirus and Antispyware Policy page, click Lotus Notes
2 On the Scan Details tab, check or uncheck EnableLotusNotesAuto-Protect.
3 Under Scanning, under File types, click one of the following options:
¦ Scan all files
¦ Scan only selected extensions
See “Configuring scans of selected file extensions” on page 390.
4 Check or uncheck Scan files inside compressed files.
5 On the Actions tab, set any of the options.
See “Configuring actions for known virus and security risk detections”
on page 392.
6 On the Notifications tab, check or uncheck any of the following options:
¦ Insert a warning into the email message
¦ Send email to the sender
¦ Send email to others
See “Configuring notification options for Auto-Protect” on page 413.
7 If you are finished configuring policy settings, click OK.
Configuring Auto-Protect
Configuring Lotus Notes Auto-Protect

See page 412 for info.