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lowering exchange mailbox quotas

Created: 07 Aug 2009 • Updated: 24 May 2010 | 1 comment
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We have been migrating from Lotus Notes to Exchange.  We have also now been rolling out Enterprise Vault for archiving.  We set quotas in Exchange to 2.5 GB because we knew that until Vault was in place some of the migrated mailboxes with our new email policies would get larger than the 1 GB quotas we actually want to use.  Now we are getting to the point where we want to change the Exchange quotas back to 1 GB. 

1. If we lower quotas, the mailboxes that are over can't receive mail.  (we have as part of the Vault rules both age and quota based -to archive their mailboxes until available storage is 10% free)  But will Vault be able to archive mailboxes that are already over their Exchange quota?  I ask this because I know that someone had gone over the 2.5 GB limit and was not in a Vault provisioning group yet and I could not enable the mailbox in Vault...I had to delete some mail first to get it under the quota...then I was able to enable so it started archiving that night.  However, In the case of my question, the users would already be setup in Vault.

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A mailbox exceeding the Exchange Quota will stop archiving


When a mailbox is configured with the Prohibit Send/Receive option and the quota has been exceeded, archiving will cease.

The ability to Send/Receive is necessary in order for Enterprise Vault to archive a mailbox. This is by design.

Choose one of the following options:

Option 1
Remove the Prohibit Send/Receive option

Option 2
Clean the mailbox to free up space

Option 3
Increase mailbox quota

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