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LTO5 Komprimierung?

Created: 02 Jan 2013 • Updated: 09 Jan 2013 | 10 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

Hallo zusammen,

wir setzen Backup Exec 2012 mit einem Tandberg LTO5 Sicherungslaufwerk ein.

In der Speicher Übersicht wird mir angezeigt, dass noch 255 GB von 1,39 TB frei sind.

Wie bekomme ich es denn hin, dass mit die 3TB zur Verfügung stehen? In den Eigenschaften des Bandlaufwerks habe ich die Hardwarekomprimierung aktiviert.

Vielen Dank für HIlfe

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CraigV's picture


Check the tape and see what compression you are getting. Are you using the Symantec drivers for the device too?

Also, what type of data are you backing that is already compressed doesn't compress anymore, and can, at times, rehydrate decreasing the amount of space used on the tape.

Furthermore, check pkh's article on compression out below:


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

Torsten1's picture


where and how can I check the tape?
In the device manager appears to me that I am using the driver from tandberg and I backup the "BackupToDisc" folder.
Kiran Bandi's picture

I backup the "BackupToDisc" folder.

Are you backingup data from B2D folder to tapes? If so, you must be duplicating data through BE. Do not backup like how you backup normal filesystem data.

CraigV's picture

? If you're backing up to "BackupToDisc" folder then you aren't backing up to tape...
Do a search for tapeinst.exe and run it. This will install the Symantec drivers.

Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

Torsten1's picture

At night I backup the data to a BackupToDisk folder.

If the jobs are finished, I backup the BackupToDisk folders to tape.

Is that wrong?

I should better install the symantec driver?

Kiran Bandi's picture

Why you should not copy or backup B2D files:

About duplicating backup date:

...and yes you should be using Symantec Drivers for tape devices.

Torsten1's picture

When I do not copy the B2D files to the LTO, then I have no external Backup.

Kiran Bandi's picture

You can copy the images from disk to tape, but you must use Duplication for this. Check the second link i posted earlier for the procedure to duplicate backup images from disk to tape.

pkh's picture

The native uncompressed capacity of a LTO5 tape is 1.6TB.  The 3.5TB number is a marketing thing which assumes that you can achieve a compression ratio of 2:1 with your data.   In real-life, you would normally get a compression ratio of 1.2 - 1.3:1, not 2:1.

Note that if you are compressing data which is already compressed like zipped files, sound or movie clips, then you can end up with more data than you have started with.  See my article on this subject

Torsten1's picture

Thanks for your help.

I will try it :-)