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LUA 2.3 failing to download contents

Created: 12 Dec 2011 | 7 comments

Hi All,

I am facing an issue in downloading the LUA 2.3 contents.Its getting failed with the error  'Fatal transport error in download: 404: could not find file to download -' in LUA application logs.Proxy settings are fine. There are proper exclusions in firewall and no rules/settings blocking the download of the content.

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Error 404 is generally related to Proxy issue. LUA is unable to contact the distribution center due to incorrect proxy settings or proxy related network problem.

-Check whether the proxy settings is correct, if settings are correct then we might want to troubleshoot this proxy further.


-Disable from using proxy (uncheck "Use proxy" option) if proxy is not needed from LUA - Configure - Distribution Centers

Hope that helps!!!

Mithun Sanghavi
Associate Security Architect


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Hi Mithun,

Proxy is not configured.Download fails even then.

Proxy is disabled at  LUA - Configure - Distribution Centers.

Also,there are no firewall settings blocking the download.

There are some more errors like the below which is interesting,

2011-11-11 03:43:52,990 [pool-3-thread-3] ERROR handler.RequestHandler  - java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException

2011-11-11 06:43:53,193 [pool-3-thread-3] INFO  handler.RequestHandler  - Starting download commit process
2011-11-11 06:43:53,193 [pool-3-thread-3] INFO  handler.RequestHandler  - A failed downloadJob status found for job id :33
2011-11-11 06:43:53,193 [pool-3-thread-3] INFO  handler.RequestHandler  - Non completed downloadJobPayload found with id : 91 and with status : FAILED
2011-11-11 06:43:53,193 [pool-3-thread-3] INFO  handler.RequestHandler  - After checking for failed jobs and payloads, no updates found remaining for this request
2011-11-11 06:43:53,193 [pool-3-thread-3] ERROR util.LocalFileUtil  - Exception deleting file: C:\TempDownload\Downloads\1320972196740\1\1320944503jtun_the_111110007.z64

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Hi Pete,

Proxy is not configured. Download fails even then.

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Hi SEPAdmin,

A certain number of 404's is expected when looking at the traffic from LUA.  By default, it will look for updates to certian components for which there is hardly ever an update available.  Don't be alarmed if there are 404 messages in the lua-application logs.

If, however, there are 404's for every file, the Event Log shows Critical entries and LUA cannot download what it needs to update your environment, there's a problem.  Is that what is happening? 

By the way: are you running 2.3 or the new LUA 2.3.1?  I recommedn that all LUA users migrate to the new LUA 2.3.1 to take advantage of its enhancements and improvements.  Contact Tech Support for details on how to obtain a copy.

Thanks and best regards,


With thanks and best regards,


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Hi Mick,

Its happening with all files. We are running with LUA 2.3 now.

Also , I am getting some errors like,

2011-11-11 06:43:53,193 [pool-3-thread-3] ERROR util.LocalFileUtil  - Exception deleting file: C:\TempDownload\Downloads\1320972196740\1\1320944503jtun_the_111110007.z64

Thanks and Regards,

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A silly question, but:

Can this LUA server reach the Interent?  Opening a browser window, can it successfully reach or

When in the LUA interface, is it possible to "Update Symantec Product Catalog"?

If every single downloaded file is failing, the issue is usually with connectivity.  I have seen cases where the network interface card was disabled.  Another possibility is that there is a typo where the Source Servers are configured.

If those commonly-overlooked basics can be ruled out, you are probably best opening a case with Tech Support so that you receive professional assistance tracking dwon the root cause.

Hope this helps!!


With thanks and best regards,