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LUA source server IP range

Created: 29 Jan 2013 • Updated: 30 Jan 2013 | 10 comments
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Can anyone tell me if there is a list of IPs or IP range for I need to know what will be the IP range used by . Only IP can be allow to the internet using the firewall on our infra.



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 check this link

Check this thread

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Thanks Ashish,

Thanks for the url, but i dont need that. IP range or IP list is required for our firewall to allow the LUA server to connect to

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Note: Symantec does not supply IP addresses for Symantec LiveUpdate servers. The server addresses are not static and, consequently, routing directly to an IP address may cause LiveUpdate to fail.


How to determine whether your firewall is blocking LiveUpdate
Article:TECH139451  |  Created: 2010-09-09  |  Updated: 2011-08-26  |  Article URL

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Hi Ashish,

Thanks for your reply, I'll take note of this an answer.



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check this link to answer your question
Symantec makes LiveUpdate content available on the Internet through a partnership with the Akamai server network. Akamai is a network of tens of thousands of servers scattered worldwide for more efficient distribution of content. Symantec recommends specifying Symantec LiveUpdate servers via DNS name (fully qualified domain name), not via one or more static IP addresses. Use of static IP addresses to access Symantec LiveUpdate content is not supported or recommended

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LUA source server IP address are sunject to change at any point of time, its Dynamic. That is what i know.


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There is no list  of IPs or IP range for That can be given / provided publically for . Only FQDN has to be allowed on any firewall.

Below are the URL's for the same.

Also note: Use of static IP addresses to access Symantec LiveUpdate content is not supported or recommended. 


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Agreed with above comments, 

please let me know if you recieved your answer

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