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LUAll.exe /? Command line options

Created: 06 Dec 2010 | 2 comments

I using powershell to confirm that end machines have the current defintions.  When a machine is found that is out of date I want to send it the command to update now.

Luall.exe  when run on the machine opens a gui

Luall.exe -s appears to attempt to update what was displayed in the gui automatically.

The trouble is that in the gui the option "Avenge MicroDefs25 SavCorp10" is not in the list.  When I click on LiveUpdate from within the Symantec AntiVirus gui, it is in the list.  If I prelaunch  Luall and then click the button within the client gui, it gives focus to the app, but doesn't add the Avenge option.   How do I launch LUAll.exe such that it will include the Avenge MicroDefs?

While you're at it, you could provide any other command line options that the application accepts as well.  

Sadly this whole forum could have been skipped by a decent programmer including a 20 year old command line option  /?

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Open command prompt and enter the path to SAV install directory.


C:\Program Files\SAV\

Type vpdn_lu.exe /s

This will run LiveUpdate in silent mode. In SAV running LUALL.exe will not actually update the client. VPDN_LU.exe needs to call on LUALL.exe to download the content. When you run LiveUpdate from within the client it calls on vpdn_lu.exe.

Here are some additional switches that can be used with the vpdn_lu.exe.

/s    Retrieves definitions and product updates in silent mode

/fUpdate    Filters out product updates

/fVirusDef    Filters out definitions updates


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i need a command to  run and update symantec antivirus on the command prompt and this command i need to use in and c# page.