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Lync / Office 2013 & Licensing

Created: 17 Jun 2014 | 5 comments


I am thinking about packaging Lync 2013 into a layer and deploying it throughout our network. I understand that the Office suite needs a separate 'licensing' layer in order to get the Office based apps to work.

All i can really find are best practices for deploying Office 2010. Can I assume the process is the same for Office 2010 or is it different for Office 2013?



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The big difference is that MS doesn't provide a standalone installer for Office 2013's licensing service, so you have to build your own mechanism. Each Office component validates its key to this service.


Pablo Yabo



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Thanks for the reply Pablo; do you think this will mean each application in the Office 2013 suite will need it's own licensing layer?

Do I go through the steps for virtualising Office2010 on each Office 2013 application we wish to deploy? (Lync, Word, Excel, Outlook etc)

Protirus have said they have done this:

How did they do this?

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You cannot deploy a layer for each application since the licensing service will fail. You will need a single licensing service for all Office components. You can't have a virtual service at the same time you have the licensing service installed on the base.

We at Nektra have done this, and we sell the layers as well. We deployed different Office configurations working side-by-side.

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That is very helpful as it means it can be done. Is the process similar to how Office 2010 virtualised?

I believe the OSPPsvc is removed from the Office layer and the Office deployment kit is captured in its own layer which is then a dependent layer for the Office layer?

I realise you sell the layers so you may not want to 'give the game away' but it would be helpful to get pointed in the right direction.

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Yes, you need to isolate the OSPP from Office. You can do it providing a layer for OSPP or installing on the base by hand since Office 2013 doesn't provide the OSPP standalone installer.

We sell this solution within our product SpyStudio. You buy it and you can create Office layers with the product.