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MAC OS 10.8.2, An error accured while ancrypting your disk: PGPError #-1

Created: 09 Jan 2013 | 8 comments

Hello Symatec,

I bought the software(Symantec PGP Desktop Professional) and downloaded it from fileconnect - PGPDesktop10.2.1 MP5_MacOSX.tar.gts
During that when I try to Encrypt Disk I see an error (An error accured while ancrypting your disk: PGPError #-1).

I'm on Mac OS 10.8.2.

Please help, what I should to do for Encrypt the Disk?



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This forum thread might be helpful:

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If you didn't know, Symantec Encryption neé PGP 10.3 was released yesterday, you should be able to get it from fileconnect, but I had an issue with a client who had to contact customer care to get a new license and serial to see 10.3 on fileconnect.  If all else fails thats a good step to take, theres quite a few mac related changes/fixes in 10.3

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Dear Alex_CST,

1. In the link that you send me I can not find the solution to my problem.

2. The version 10.3 is not available for downloading from fileconnect.

Could you please advise me what to do step by step. I want to fix my issue excluding all possible variants.



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Hi Brakelaw,

I'm going to be completely honest with you. the -1 error is a very generic error that we see often when drive encryption fails on Mac. Several of those problems that cause this error to occur were resolved in Symantec Encryption Desktop version 10.3.0 (formerly PGP Desktop). You can obtain a serial number to download the software package of off Fileconnect by contacting customer care at 800.721.3934.

I would suggest contacting them, and getting a fresh copy of Encryption Desktop 10.3.0 and then using that to see if it resolves the issue. If not, feel free to post more details about the problem here such as OS version, drive partitioning setup, Mac hardware information, drive setup (any external drives connected?), etc.



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