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Mac users repeated prompt to enroll

Created: 14 Feb 2011 | 3 comments


We've encrypted about a dozen Mac desktops/laptops and about every 3 days all of these users are prompted through the PGP Enterprise Enrollment Assistant.  We're only using PGP for WDE, no other components.  Any suggestions on making this stop?  Thanks.

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what version of PGP Desktop re you using?

There's an issue with pgp st 10.0.2 build 99 and 10.1 (not 10.1.1) that experience enrollment issues once a machine has lost network connectivity. for me this issue went away when updating to 10.1.1.

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This is the original poster.  I am using 10.0.2 build 13.  This is coming from Univ Server v2.12.  I'm planning to upgrade to Univ Server 3.x, but have been waiting for verification that I can do a direct upgrade without losing any info.  Do you know if 10.1.1 be included in that version?

In the meantime, removing the PGP desktop icon from login items seems to have helped.  Also, we've created additional PGP user accounts for WDE on the Macs so that there is an account that matches the directory account as well as one that matches the local login account.  I haven't seen a prompt to re-enroll in a few days.

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I didnt have too many issues upgrading to Universal server 3.x but one thing i didnt expect was that my hardware was no longer supported with universal server 3.x, i had to migrate everything to a VMware server. All my data imported fine from 2.12 to 3.0 however. After i upgraded they creted some tools for verifying clustering data before migrating.. but of course this all came out AFTER i upgraded... i guess i was lucky that i didnt need them :)

Universal server 3.1 (with PGP DT clients 10.1.1) has the latest PGP clients.. i also think PGP universal server  supports newer versions of PGP dt so you might be able to update your clients before you upgrade your server.

- sarah