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Machines not showing under "Symantec Endpoint Encryption Managed Computers"

Created: 12 Feb 2010 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 5 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

I have 7.0.3 installed on the majority of the machines and am testing 7.0.4 to determine the best way of deploying it in our environment.

The management server has had 7.0.4 installed on it and appears to be working fine. Client machines check in and report everything is okay.

No machines show under "Symantec Endpoint Encryption Users and Computers|Symantec Endpoint Encryption Managed Computers". Not under Decrypted, Encrypted, not unassigned. Not even the one machine I loaded from a clean install of the new 7.0.4 client install package made from the management server, even though it insists it is checking in okay.

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Vaibhav Tiwari's picture

Did you upgrade the Framework and the HDD component on the server?? Also would like to clarify few things here i.e.

You upgraded 7.0.4 on the same server on which 7.0.3 was installed OR is it on a different server ??

When you go to SEE Users and Computers and when you drill down to an OU -- do you see machines there ?? If not then do you see the machines in AD console??

Is GE and AD replication taking place ??

bprentice's picture

Server was 7.0.3 FW, FD, and MGMT

Upgraded fw, fd, then mgmt on the server.

SEE Users and computers  - yep, machines show in there complete with drive encryption status.

AD replication is taking place - I created a new test machine to do a clean 7.0.4 install on and it showed up in SEE U&C but not under Managed Computers at all. I even enabled reverse data verification to see if that might help even though I didn't believe it would based on the description. We don't have any Novell so I'm not even bothering to look there.

Forgive me but I'm, drawing a complete blank (must be lack of sufficient coffee yet) - GE replication?

Jeremy Dundon's picture

 With AD sync computers will not show up under SEE Managed computers at all if they exist in AD.

SEE Managed Computers is only for computers that are not in your Active Directory Domain.

Vaibhav Tiwari's picture

 A domain client machine will not appear in SEE Manager --- here the workgroup machines will come up -- let me know if this answers your question

bprentice's picture

Now I just have get figure out how to get all my laptop users in for the update.......