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MacOS: Rule Engine is not registered

Created: 14 Aug 2012

An issue has come to our attention on a lot of our Macs (not sure... might be all of them, but can't check quickly as most are in a different plant) where in the log on the local machine, it is coming up with the following error over and over (about every ten minutes, and multiple times on the ten minutes).  Where would I go to check on what task/code is causing this error:

ERRO 2012-07-11 08:35:00.217       253    2957086720  IRAgent-AgentObject > Evaluation error of rule {5FABE981-3F06-4B23-B0EF-3596E0EC1894}: Rule engine {DF407668-EC52-4582-8C1D-0C4D73E9530E} is not registered