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The magazine is missing or not properly installed.

Created: 04 Nov 2013 | 1 comment

I am using two 1TB external hard drives for my backups which I use 1 at a time swapping them out twice a week. This was working fine in the past but recently I am getting this error: "The magazine is missing or not properly installed." I have changed the settings all kinds of ways to elliminate this error but nothing seams to wwork. I have to remove the device and then re-add it as a removal backup-to-disk folder and it will work 1 time but then get the same error. I need help fixing this issue.

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If you are NOT using BE 2012 and these disks are USB disks and not cartridge based disks such as RDX technology, then you should not be using the Removable B2D option. You should be using the standard B2D device on USB disks.  BE 2012 enforces the above choice so stops you from getting it wrong.

If you are using anything less than BE 2010 R2 then we did not officially support detaching USB disks, although lots of customers did identify workarounds to get detaching the disks to work.

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