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Mail security installation error

Created: 30 Dec 2008 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 4 comments

Hello All, I am trying to install the Mail Security 6 on our SBS2k3 server and i am getting the following error Error 1305.Error reading from c:\Program Files\symantec\6.0\server\verity\bin\kpdgnrdr.dll .... i am full admin on the computer the end point client is disabled and still getting this error HELP!! Thanks Meni

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TomC 2's picture

Hello Meni,


What version of the product are you attempting to install? You say 6, but we have multiple products that have a version 6. Also this is the incorrect forum to post in for any of our installable programs. This forum is for Symantec Hosted Mail Security questions. You are most likely going to want to post in the "Groupware" or "Brightmail" section of the forum.


Thank you!


Meni Zazlaman's picture

i am trying to install SMSMSE 6 on the SBS2k3 and i getting that error.

I saw just now that the during the installation NO security groups created can that be the problem?

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I'm sorry I don't know. You could try posting in the "Symantec Mail Security -- Groupware" forum and see if you get a response there.



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I also get install the mail security 6 and getting the error repeatedly, so i unable to solve it and want help from the symantec mail security groupware.