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Mail Security for SMTP 5.0 Block Mail Signatures That Have Image In Them

Created: 11 Jun 2009 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 1 comment

I need help with the Mail Security for SMTP 5.0 system.
When I updated some of the users in the office with a new mail signature,
The CSO notified me that the Mail Security for SMTP 5.0 is blocking all
the outgoing mails that have been updated with the new signature,
under the "Suspected Spam" category.
I’ve looked for about a day for a solution, and I’ve come up with one.
If I delete the image in the signature then it is ok, The Mail Security for SMTP 5.0
do not block the outgoing mails. But I need the mail signature with an image...
So I started to change the DPI, Width and Height, and it only works if I change
the "Select a suspected spam threshold between 25 and 89" to minimum 48 (!)
and make the image smaller, the mail pass thru.
I need help figuring out why the Mail Security for SMTP 5.0 blocking the mail signature as spam.

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TomC 2's picture

Can you PM me the "X-Brightmail Tracker:" from the header of the message? I may be able to determine what it is from that. Most of this information is proprietary, but I'll see what I can do.

Please be sure to PM it to me, not post it in this thread.

Thank you!