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Mailbox Archive Properties

Created: 05 Nov 2012 • Updated: 05 Dec 2012 | 5 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

In the past with EV 8.0 I used to find out certain user archive details from the archive properties of the user's archive account. Under Advanced tab there were some information regarding the youngest and the oldest archived date. From here I could see when the last time archiving worked on this archive account. Since I have migrated to EV 10.0 using the migration tool wizard (i think it was really straight forward to do the migration) but I can not seemed to locate these information under the Advanced tab of the mailbox archive.

I wonder if anyone else noticed this change? Is it a policy that has been truned back to default setting. Beacuse i did come up with a seeting that moved back to defaul post migration.

Would I be able to get these info from EV reporting.


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You should be able to find it from the users index properties?

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At the moment you have that option in the archvie properties , but you can get the information by running the query mentioned in the document below.

Also you may run the Archvie usage report to see the last time whent he archiving worked .

you need  right click on the Vault store and click Reporting.

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excuse my ignorance but I am unable to find these details from the user's properties. I checked the Indexing and Index Volumes tabs but could not find these details.

On a slightly separate note I noticed EV allows you to upgrade 32-bit index volumes to 64-bit. this is recommended.


thank you for sending me the sql query but sometimes you just need to find this info for a single users while on the console. Also the reporting is a general way of checking if the whole archiving process completed.

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The option was there in previous version of Ev , but after 10.0 it is not available. I have posted an idea about the same on your behalf  do vote on it, once it is published .

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I think it's a shame that info like this is lost..  It is often useful.