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Mailbox not listed as "Available" to archive

Created: 11 Jan 2013 • Updated: 11 Jan 2013 | 12 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

I have a user that is not seeing the Vault cache in her outlook client. Her toolbar is not showing either. This lead me to the conclusion that her mailbox was not enabled for archiving. I went to the "Enable Vaults for archiving" icon on the top of the EV console, chose list all available mailboxes, and hers is not listed. I ensured i was looking at the correct exchange server. Her account is also not listed in the "available for disable" list.

Her archive under Archives->exchange mailbox, however, is listed and shows as available. I dont think her exchange box is hidden since her info shows up in the global address book (I dont have permisisons to check if its hidden or not).

It may be worth noting that this user worked for my company for a while, was terminated, and was re-hired recently.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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In the VAC, expand the site, then targets, right click on Exchange, and choose 'Display Policies Assigned to Mailboxes'.  Does she show in there?

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Yes she is there, however shes not assigned a Provisioning group, desktop policy etc. The main provisioning group we use contains a group called "entire exchange organization" which she should be in if she has a mailbox, right?


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Yep. What's the provisioning task report say for her?

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Can you please refresh my memory with regard to where that is/how i run it? blush

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Reports will be in C:\Program Files (x86)\Enterprise Vault\Reports\Exchange Provisioning\
You may need to go to the Exchange Provisioning Task properties and change the reporting level from Brief to Full and then right click the provisioning task and select "Run Now"

The task status will go from "Running" to "Processing", once it switches back to "Running" you can then check the latest report thats been generated and see if you see the users name mentioned at the bottom.

Just as a matter of interest, the user isn't hidden or anything like that in AD is she?
How long ago did she return to the company?

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Entry for her in the report is as follows (Some user specific and company specific info has been replaced with generic info)

12:00:11 PM 2 EXCHANGE GENERAL Whole Exchange Organization Company Exchange Mailbox Policy Company Exchange PST Migration Policy CN=Userlast\, Userfirst T,OU=Users,OU=City,OU=North_America,DC=Domain,DC=LOCAL New mailbox has an existing entry in the Enterprise Vault database '/o=Company/ou=Exchange Administrative Group (FYDIBOHF23SPDLT)/cn=Recipients/cn=Userfirst_Userlast'. The mailbox GUID does not match the entry in the database.

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OK so do the following

1. Open up SQL Management Studio
2. Run the following query

USE EnterpriseVaultDirectory
DELETE FROM ExchangeMailboxEntry WHERE MbxDisplayName = 'your User'

3. Open the Vault Admin Console
4. Re-Run the Provisioning Task
5. Open the Enable Mailbox Wizard
6. Select the Exchange Server the User belongs to
7. Select the User
8. On the right hand side click "Select Archive"
9. Find the users archive that the user belongs to and select it
10. Follow the wizard through to the end and it will say the user is enabled
11. Have the user close and re-open Outlook
12. Ensure items can now be stored correctly

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This wont affect the archive itself will it (info that was already stored in her archive)? I take it this is merely a "pointer", if you will, that tells EV which mailbox in exchange to look at?

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So basically the Provisioning Task populates the ExchangeMailboxEntry table
This keeps a record of things like the LegacyExchangeDN, MailboxGUID, NTUsername, mailbox name, their exchange server etc and it links the Exchange Mailbox to an Archive.

If you delete a user from the ExchangeMailboxEntry, the provisioning task will simply re-populate the user on its next run, so you could in theory just delete every single entry from the table and Provisioning will readd all the information and connect it back to an archive.

However, for a user to be "mapped" to an archive, it needs two things to be the same...
LegacyExchangeDN (which EV calls LegacyMbxDN) and the Mailbox GUID....

If either of these don't match then it cannot link it back to the user.
In your case when the user was taken back in to the environment, they were given a new mailbox and thus had a new Mailbox GUID assigned to them.

When provisioning ran it saw that it had a match on a couple of things, however the GUID did not match and thus could not relink the user to the existing archive.

So what we want to do is delete that user from ExchangeMailboxEntry, re-run provisioning.
Because the entry doesnt exist, it wont attempt to re-link the user and won't throw the GUID mismatch warning.

Then you enable them for archiving, but rather than create a new archive, you just tell EV to connect it to the archive that already exists

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Simple Enough, thanks All! Ill let you know how it goes.

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Looks like that was the ticket. Ive completed all of these steps. Just waiting for my user to get back to me to confirm.

Thanks Again!