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Mails in Archive Pending state

Created: 13 Mar 2006 • Updated: 22 May 2010 | 6 comments
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Enterprise Vault 6.

I have just noticed that we have one mailbox with a large number of messages in an archive pending state.

These mail where archived some time ago. More recently archived mails have completed the archive process.

Anybody any idea how I can clear or reset this?

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On the advanced tab of the mailbox archive policy look on the Archiving General setting and there is a setting for Pending Shortcut Timeout. Set it to O and restart the task. Do a Run Now in report mode against that mailbox. That should reset the pending back to normal.

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This looks interesting.

The 0 setting only works in report mode.
I am going to try 1 and leave it for a couple of day and see if these mail complete the archive process.

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You don't have to run in Report Mode. If you set it to 0 then it will only cancel in report mode (otherwise it could create archived items and cancel them as well)

So setting them to say 3 days or whatever and just run in normal mode will work for you.

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I guess I should have said do the run now in report mode against that one mailbox then change it back to Off. I was recommending the run now to immediately clear the pending items.

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Thank you for your help, these suggestion have fixed the problems

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too late now but opening the mailbox, highlighting all the mails with the clock icon and selecting Tools -- Enterprise Vault -- Cancel Operation is a pretty quick and nasty way to do this.