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Maintenance has failed, 10 dump database failed - BEX 2010

Created: 07 Jan 2013 • Updated: 10 Jan 2013 | 9 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

Hi, this morning I have this particular error on the Maintenance job. I allready repair the bases and Failed too.

What are the next steps? I'll loose the jobs, and the configuration on the console?

I will realy be grateful the answers, can't use the solution and we can run the backups jobs.


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have you tried the steps from this article :

Also if you just got the error this morning and have been backing up the backup Exec Install path\Data folder, you can restore the most recent BEDB.BAK from the backup and perforn a reload from backup (ensure to backup current data and catalog folder when you that; reload from backup can be done from Beutility)

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Hi Lukas,

Not sure if you saw the TNs below, but check them out:


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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I Already tried the beutility option, and can't repair the bases. Now I get this error.

Anyone have an idea? Do I must run a repair on "add and remove programs"? Do I'll loose the jobs or configuration on the media server?

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Check the date of the BEDB.BAK in the Data directory under the BE installation directory.  If it is dated before all the problems begin, then use BEUtility to start a fresh BEDB and then restore from the BEDB.BAK.

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hi pkh, doing this, are I will loose the jobs configurations, inventory, etc? What happend if I don't have a good copy of the BEDB.BAK?

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If you loose your BEDB, you will loose your job definitions, storage configuration, etc.  Your catalogs are in the Catalogs directory and will not be affected.

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Before attempting any suggestions concerning the BEDB, keep an alternate copy of the DATA folder...

Are all Backup Exec services running now or does the Management Service fails to start ? If fails, are there any errors in the Event Viewer ? Does the service start up manually ?

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New data, It seems that the consistency check fails with DB_DLO database. But I just upgrade to DLO 7.0 and that base no longer exist.

how can I removed from the list?

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Using SQL Management Studio, connect to the SQL instance of Backup Exec..See if you can see the BE_DLO database (DLO's database prior to the upgrade) listed...If yes, you may remove the same & monitor the BEDB maintenance....However, pls do backup the DATA folder prior to this step.