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Making a filter to show XP machines on laptops

Created: 30 Jan 2013 | 8 comments


I need to make an inventory of my workplace of aprox 1200 machines.

The filter i need is Windows XP machines, and additional filter towards laptops.

Its also possible, i think, to make it easier since laptops in our commune have Roaming Client on them, so perhaps making a filter that lists Windows XP machines AND Roaming client installed.

The thing is, i have no idea how to make that filter.
What I have done so far is make a new filter.
Filter definition -> Query mode builder
Base query -> Computer.
Filter Expressions -> AND -> If [AEX AC Identification].[OS Name] - Like - [%Service Pack 3%]

This shows me 0 computers hehe..

So as you can see, i have no idea how to make this filter.
How would you guys go about to do this ?

Atleast if I understand how to make the filter show me my xp computers, i might be able to understand how to also add a filter that sorts it even more out, via either some sort of "Laptop" method, or as i mentioned earlier, filter out computers with Roaming client installed on.

thank you for reading.

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It is easier if you at first start with a report which shows you the values of the different fields that you need to use in your filter.

To show Windows XP Computers with Service Pack 3 you should create the following filter expression:

[AEX AC Identification].[OS Name] - Like - [%Windows XP%] AND [AEX AC Identification].[OS Revision] - Like - [%Service Pack 3%]

It is a bit more difficult to dinstinguish Laptops and Desktops. An option would be by using the Computer type field, but this field needs to be manually set to either Laptop or Desktop.
An other way is to filter upon model. An example of a filter expression:
[Inv_Manufacturer].[Model] LIKE '%Latitude%' OR [Inv_Manufacturer].[Model] LIKE '%ProBook%'

To filter out a piece of software like the Roaming client, you could use Inv_AddRemoveProgram the table. I think this one is easier to write in SQL.

Select Guid from vComputer where vComputer.Guid not IN (SELECT _ResourceGuid FROM Inv_AddRemoveProgram WHERE DisplayName LIKE 'Roaming Client')

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I managed to get him to filter out my Windows XP machines, from all the others With Your [AEX AC Identification].[OS Name] - Like - [%Windows XP%].
(yay! hehe)

Altho the Next one where i wanted to get it to pull out my latitudes since were only using dell laptop's atm, I can't get to work because the [Inv_Manufacturer].[Model] doenst exist as an option I can choose in the first Box. :(

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Table is name is Inv_Manufacturer, in query builder it is [Manufacturer] ofcourse :)

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If you just want to install software to this sub group you might be better off just creating a Target when you create the Policy for the software.

The rule is keep Filters simple and build them up into Targets.

So create a Filter for Latitudes and then your target will be:

  • ECNI Windows XP Computers
  • ECNI Latitudes

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Hello again.

I managed to somewhat do what i wanted, via the Computers tab, and made and added custom criteria search.

Added AeX AC Identification -> OS name
and Logical Device -> Modell.

This way I could type Windows XP in the first box, and Latitude in the other and he gave me the total number of windows XP's on Latitude machines. =)
And since i only needed the number, it worked for what i needed it to do =)

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If you are building a target, you should combine multiple filters to get what you need.

For example, this might be your Windows XP filter:

SELECT vc.[Guid]
FROM vComputer vc
JOIN Inv_AeX_AC_Identification aci ON aci._ResourceGuid=vc.Guid
WHERE vc.IsManaged=1 AND aci.[OS Name]='Microsoft Windows XP'
And this might be your laptop filter (laptops have batteries):
SELECT vc.[Guid]
FROM vComputer vc
JOIN vHWBattery hwb ON hwb._ResourceGuid=vc.Guid
WHERE vc.IsManaged=1

When you build your Target, you would use:

exclude not in     Filter     My Windows XP Filter
exclude not in     Filter     My Laptop Filter

If you wanted a report of Windows XP Laptops, it would look like this, but you also select additional information:

SELECT aci.[OS Name], aci.[OS Revision], hwcs.Manufacturer, hwcs.Model
FROM vComputer vc
JOIN Inv_AeX_AC_Identification aci ON aci._ResourceGuid=vc.Guid
JOIN vHWBattery hwb ON hwb._ResourceGuid=vc.Guid
JOIN vHWComputerSystem hwcs ON hwcs._ResourceGuid=vc.Guid
WHERE vc.IsManaged=1 AND aci.[OS Name]='Microsoft Windows XP'
I hope this helps show the difference in SQL between filters and reports and when you might use each.  If this helps be sure to mark my post (or one of the ones above) as the solution!

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I think i need to convince my employeer to send med on a 1week altiris seminar/schooling.
What you are talking about there, mclemenson is so above what I have managed to self tutor my self to do in the Altiris system. hehe =)

I took over from a guy who quit, and he gave me just a 30min run of the mill on the Altiris. The rest i've either googled, or figured out myself.

Anyways - I thank you for your time. But as I dont know how to test what you just wanted me to do, i have no idea if its a solution or not. I managed to make custom search criterias via the Manged -> Computers tab to get a number of computers with os XP and modell Latitude =)

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You can create SQL filters by going to Manage > Filters, right-click Filters and choose New > Filter, change Query Mode to Raw SQL, clicking OK, and then pasting what I've shared with you into the Parameterized Query tab (expand using the arrow at right for the Filter Definition bar).

You can create a SQL report by choosing Reports > All Reports, right-click Reports and choose New > Report > SQL Report, then paste in the SQL code I provided for a report into the Parameterized Query tab.

Mike Clemson, Senior Systems Engineer, ASC
Intuitive Technology Group -- Symantec Platinum Partner