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Making pgpboot.iso.cdr bootable

Created: 21 Mar 2011

My hard disk is encrypted with PGP WDE.  Currently, it won't boot.  All I get is a folder with a question mark superimposed on it.  I believe this means my Mac can't find a boot image. 

I downloaded and burned pgpboot.iso.cdr to a CD (per knowledge base article  "Mac PGP WDE customers upgrading to Mac OS X 10.6.5"  []).

However, I can't boot from the pgpboot.iso CD.  I tried putting in the CD, turning off the Mac, then booting while holding down the Option key.  This resulted in the appearance of an mouse cursor (an arrow), but nothing else.

(Environment: Fresh install of Snow Leopard which was then encrypted with PGP WDE.)