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Manage process of 'Duplicating' jobs (not as a Stage)

Created: 05 Apr 2013 • Updated: 18 Apr 2013 | 5 comments
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Hello…I am using B. Exec 2012 on Windows 2008 R2.

The issue that I am having is two-fold. Both relate to “Duplicating” to tape.

I go into the first B2D storage location and double click and it shows me all the jobs assigned to that B2D location. And here it also allows you to click ‘job history’, ‘Backup Sets’ and 2 other menu items.

When I select ‘Backup Sets’, select a Server and then select ‘Duplicate’, the job will start. But it doesn’t let you name it intuitively.

So, when I start 4 jobs this way, and then ‘search’ for them:

- firstly, I cannot find them. (some…but not all show under All Servers, View All jobs)

And if I go to the server being duplicated to look at it’s associated jobs, the ‘duplicate’ job doesn’t show up.

- secondly, when a job fails, I don’t know which backup set was selected to duplicate, so I don’t know which one to delete to reclaim disk space.

So in essence, I am looking to see how to go in and manually send jobs to tape.

And how to manage the process.

Managing this is difficult. Because at present, I have start the job and write down the associated job name…so when I do search it later to check its status, I will know which job was being performed.

Secondly, it is not easy finding the “Duplicate to tape” jobs.They don’t all show under ‘View All jobs’.

(and when jobs fail, it makes it more cumbersome/frustrating as I then have to rerun the job and retrack it down etc)

Is there easier way to manage this process?

(Even when I send to tape after a B2D operation, I cannot check it the following day because I cant find the jobs…and if I do, they are not intuitive as to what was ‘duplicated’.

Lastly, is there a best practice as to whish ‘backup set’ serversI should select?

Because presently, I see dozens of jobs. For example Server # 1 will be listed 10-15 times. Some ‘backup methods’ are” snapshot diff, Full, Diff.


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To see the duplicate job, you got to click on the disk storage that the duplicate job is running.  On the left-hand side, you will see Jobs and Job History.  This is where you view your duplicate jobs, inventory, catalog of the disk storage.

The easiest way to manage duplication is to use a stage.

What you choose to duplicate is dependent on your company's requirement.  Nobody can advise you on this.

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Hello....I just ran a fresh Duplicate job to verify. And after a cup of coffee and a clear head the problem remains as follows.

The job completed but it doesnt show in the job history under the Storage Group "Job History". And it when the job is active, it doesn't show in 'Active Jobs' for the Storage Group. Instead I have to  navigate to All Servers and then view All Jobs to see the active job/job history.

Moreover, when ya look at the properties of the completed job, it doesnt say which backup sets were how are you supposed to know which backup sets are safe to delete when the duplicate job completes?

I have attached a pic of whet 1 page of my backups sets looks like. And if I select all the servers that begin with  BS!, then when i look at the job properties later, it doesn't which backup sets were duplicated so I dont know which  are safe to delete.

Backup Sets problem.png
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I have looked again at the properties of a 'Duplicate' job that fininshed. And nowhere does it say which backup sets were duplicated.

I dont see how to delete backup sets if I cant look at a job completed and verify what was duplicated.

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I will restate this problem in a different thread.

I believe there must be an efficient way to reclaim disk space on a storage group. My method takes forever!