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Managed Software Delivery

Created: 30 Apr 2013 | 2 comments

I have question about managed software delivery.

EG : If there was a software deployed to a machine let say (micosoft Office). This software is downloaded to the machine and instlled succesfully. The user un-installed the application from the machine but the downloaded software is still there in altiris dirictory. Now if i re-deploy the same package using a new managed software policy will the package be downloaded again on the machine ?

So my question is if the a new policy is assigned with the same package which is downloaded before will the client download the package again to the machine. Is the package downloaded based on Policy GUID or Package GUID ?

Thanks for help

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the download is based on package guid. If the package is still there on client, the client shouldn't download the package again.

This article is best for getting most of software solution in 7.x:

Part 5 is about Managed Software Delivery.


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You could just change the schedule of the existing policy to do a compliance check daily. then, if the uer uninstalls the software it will get reinstalled at the next compliance check.

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