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Managed Software Delivery with No Reinstall if Removed?

Created: 27 Aug 2012 | 3 comments

In SMP 7.1 SP2, is there a way for me to do a run-once software install with a detection rule (to avoid loading the app if it's already on the target) and set it so that should the program be manually uninstalled, an automatic reinstall won't occur? this against the definition of a "managed" software delivery policy?  I thought about using Quick Delivery but don't believe this is a good option if I want to "automatically" hit new PCs that have yet to become a member of the target group.

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Just don't use any recurring schedule and the detection will never run again (and so won't the remmediation which execute the commandline).

So in other words: a run once - ASAP schedule is any schedule in the past with no repeat.

Simple: Add a scheduled time 00:00 - done (date will be today - thats in the past)

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Please check out the attached screenshot of my schedule.  I had previously set it to run at 10:40 on a given day with "No repeat" so should this NOT reinstall the app if someone should go in and uninstall it from the PC? there something special about setting time to "00:00"?

So to be clear, if my compliance is set to No Repeat, my Remediation section set to "If the software is not found, install it: Immediately" is disregarded after the first run?



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If you dont do the compliance check, not remediation will run, as remediation is only done if you are not compliant... yep

And there is nothing special about 00:00 ... it will work for every "run once" schedule (having no repeat).

00:00 is just often used, because it added automatically if you add a "scheduled time", resulting in a run once - asap schedule.