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Managed Software Delivery - Ordering and Detection check renaming

Created: 13 Aug 2010 | 4 comments

Hi there, in some of my managed delivery policies there is a software resource that superseeds several software resources. I have renamed the resources to a standard in my library but inside the policy the old names still display in the detection checks. I have deleted the old detection checks and created new ones aswell. I have tried removing the resource from the policy and adding again to no avail.

The other thing that is a little bit annoying is the order it does the detection checks in the fact that it lists the software superseeded in a random order like below

Adobe reader 9.1.3
Adobe reader 9.2
Adobe reader 9.3.2
Adobe reader 9.0

It may be cosmetic but is there any way to have the software listed in the correct order? this is the same for the uninstall commands aswell? im trying to figure out how altiris determines the order of the software?



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I checked in the next version to be released, and it appears that the detection rules are sorting correctly now.  I entered several checks in random order, but when I begin typing the name of the rule, it shows them to me in alphabetical order (see attached screenshot).

I'm not sure about the renaming issue, but it is possible to delete a detection rule to prevent it from showing up.

  1. Go to Manage > Resource...
  2. In the Select a Resource dialog, In the Group: dropdown, choose 'Inventory Rule'
  3. In the Select a Resource dialog, use the search to narrow the results and find the rule you wish to delete
  4. Click Ok
  5. In the Resource Manager, on the left hand side from the 'Right Click Actions' menu, choose 'Delete'
  6. Click ok when it asks you if you are sure.
  7. The page will not refresh or go away, but if you go back to your detecion rules for a software resource, the rule should be gone

I realize that this is a bit convoluted, and we need to make this easier, but hopefully this helps get you into a better state.


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Hi, thanks for your responce. I have attached a screenshot of my inventory rules and you should be able to see that they are displaying differently on the resource screen compared to the agent screen.

If you look at the second screenshot you will see the uninstall commands display name display correctly.

Thanks for your input.

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Ah.  So, just to clarify, you have deleted some detection rules on the server side, and they are no longer showing up there, but when you look at the policy on the agent, it is still running those old detection rules?  I beleive there is an inventory rule cache, so it is defeinitely possible that in some cases this cache may not be getting updated.  If you can verify that the situation I described is correct, then I will follow up on it.


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Hi Nlyons, this is correct. Even if i delete a rule, it will dissapear from the client machine temporarly but when i recreate a new one with a different dispaly name it still displays the old name.