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Managed Software Delivery Policy RUNAS

Created: 25 Oct 2012 | 2 comments

Is there a way to keep the RunAs user from creating a profile on the PCs that I need to run the Managed Software Delivery policy against?  We use the Symantec Web Gateway to monitor web traffic, however the last logged on user ends up being listed as my Altiris Installer user and not the current user of the PC.  This makes parsing the logs confusing. 

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Ludovic Ferre's picture

Hello mallerd,

So, the problem is in the Symantec Web Gateway, or on the Symantec Management agent?

From what you provided it looks perfectly fine that the installer account is reported from taking the action (albeit I'm unsure how that would be present on you web-gateway) or am I missing something?

Like, the install user data is somehow present when the real user is using the software (and accessing web-sites)?

Ludovic FERRÉ
Principal Remote Product Specialist

AngelD's picture

I would say no due to most often an installation of an application requires some profile "data" to be stored such as AppData or HKCU registry and therefore requires a profile to exist.

I have no idea how the Web Gateway works but is there no way to exclude certain data?