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managed software delivery schedules?

Created: 04 Feb 2013 | 3 comments

I just reimaged and we're recreating our packages.  One of the problems I've not been able to tackle is the managed delivery compliance check scheduling.

We want a compliance check to run immediately for all of our standard applications.  There are around 20 of them.

We image a computer with deployment toolkit > it installs the symantec management agent > it checks in to the notification server > the server deploys the other agents > it gets it policies and sits there.

We have two schedules for each managed delivery.  One at 00:00 with not repeat and another at 00:01 repeat daily.

It does not run the compliance check immediately as I am led to believe with documentation here.  The agent just shows detection check last run "never", next run at 12:01 am. 

We don't want to wait.  Before we changed the 00:01 schedule to check hourly and it worked but I think that caused a lot of overhead on the workstation and server. 

What is the best way to get the software to deploy immediately?

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What version of Platform/Agent are you running? I've found that "00:00 No Repeat" will run as soon as possible on 7.1 SP2 with no hotfixes but not on 7.1 SP1 with no hotfixes.

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I think I have this fixed.  In previous versions, we had to check 'only when no user is logged on' for the compliance check because it would immediately remediate and install packages even if the package advanced run option was set to 'only when no user is logged on'.  Basically, that setting was ignored.

It appears to be minding the run options now with 7.1 SP2 MP1.1.

I'm going to leave this ticket open until we re-image a few more workstations.