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Management Platform Console Audit

Created: 18 Jul 2013 | 3 comments

I am looking for a way to be able to audit the actions that are performed by individual users in the Altiris console.  For example, I want a report of what tasks or jobs a user ran, what filters were modified, what policies were created or modified etc.

Is anyone aware of a way to do this?

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What you might be looking for exists in the Evt_NS_Item_Management table in your Symantec_CMDB database. This table highlights the action (e.g., Run, Delete, Modify, ...) taken against an object in the NS (e.g., Filter, Collection, Report, ...) and by whom. You will likely have to disregard records where the User field equals your SMP admin account.

SELECT [_id]
  FROM [Symantec_CMDB_Prod].[dbo].[Evt_NS_Item_Management]
 _eventTime DESC

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You might also want to check inv_audit because EVT tables get purged and depending on your company size you might have only a few days of audit in Evt_NS_Item_Management.  inv_audit log only object modification not "run" but keep info for ever.  Task and job run will be found in the view Evt_Task_Instances but again depending on your company size and purge settings you might not have audits far back.