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Managing Clients outside of network, domain, workgroups

Created: 28 Jan 2008 • Updated: 22 May 2010 | 4 comments

We are trying to get to this to work and just wanted to see if this was possible or what we could do to make it work.

To paint the picture:

We have field salesmen that have laptops outside of the network. They DON'T vpn in back to the network or contact the network remotely in anyway.

Is there a way to still manage these computers even though they aren't directly in or contacting the network through port forwarding in some way?

It would seem there is a server address xml of some sort in the endpoint software that you could tell the SEP client to go to our SEPM server via port xxxx and get content updates and policy updates.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Hi Screen_Name,

The solution you're looking is called as Location Awareness by SEP11 product. What you do is create a seperate group in SEPM clients group and put your Sales people's laptops into that group. Under policiy you'll have to create a another location and have to tell the laptops how to indetify if they are in the network or not in hte network. So once you do that part you'll apply that policy to the group you created. In the same location group you'll create a another policy to the Liveupdate server an give the IP address of your internal live update server so they can get the update from your server when they are out of your office.
But much more pratical method is point tem to the liveupdate server in the internet. So when they comes to the office they will get the updates from the internal server and when they go out of the office they will get the update from the Symantec liveupdate server. If you need specific instructions PM me.


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Dear Sussana,
Could you please send me a instructions how to create location awerness.Send me on email
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Thank you Susantha...this gives us a good start.

Another thing, our field salesman will not come into the office but once a year or so.

Do you think we could use that same technology for the live update server for the
SEPM to get content updates and policy updates?

I will do some research on this but if you could and wouldn't mind please send me some
details to the email I have sent to you in pm.

Thanks again.