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Managing Locations in ServiceDesk

Created: 04 Jan 2013 • Updated: 07 Jan 2013 | 6 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

As I understand it, ServiceDesk 7.1 gets its "Location" dropdown choices (on the Advanced Incident Form) from the Symantec CMDB database, and in my case, imported from the A.D. User account field "Office".

My question is whether or not I should be modifying these locations through the SMP console (Service and Asset Management -> Manage Configuration Items -> Organizational Types -> Location)?  Specifically, deleting unwanted choices.

Unfortunately for my org's support service, the Office field in A.D. is useless.  At the moment, the Location field contains over 700 mailing addresses and we're looking to have 30 Campus and Building names instead.

If I do delete these locations, will they just reappear during the next A.D. sync? Would there be a better way or best practice to accomplish this?

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Ad sync may redeliver these guys after you delete them from CMDB. One thing you could try is adding an trigger to the appropriate CMDB table that deletes the locations on INSERT/UPDATE. That way if they ever get delivered again via AD sync, they get removed again.

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So another question on Location. (using SMP 7.1 SP2, SD 7.5)
When you add a Location manually, how or what process gives/syncs that list to the ServiceDesk?

I created one Location, it appeared in the SD7.5 ticket just fine. I created two more and they are *not* displaying or searchable in the Report Incident or Submit Incident (Advanced).

I have logged off and closed all my browsers but no luck.

Any insights??

Mark Warmack

Application Support Supervisor

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Update: Doing an IISRESET or rebooting the ServiceDesk pulls in the new Locations.
I assume it is because of the SD/WF working in memory??
Is there some WF process to call to force a refresh?

Mark Warmack

Application Support Supervisor

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Location information is cached.

IISreset/restarting Workflow service "kicks cache in the head" and makes it repull. I'm unsure if the cache configuration is configurable in the DataServices project (or in the IncidentManagement project)

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How / Where does Service Desk retreive this information in the first place?

I realize it's from the CMDB, but do you have any idea where the CMDB connect information is located?

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I believe the informations comes from a "hidden" report that the SMP ServiceDesk solution delivers. All Locations, I believe, is the name. A report component calls the report to fetch the locations.

This source might be old, but there's the SQL I have for the report:

select vl._ResourceGuid, vl.[Name], vl._id, vl.[Address], vl.City, vl.[State], vl.Country, vl.Zip, i.Description from vLocation vl inner join Item i on i.Guid = vl._ResourceGuid order by [Name]