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Managing Ticket Assignments

Created: 11 May 2014 | 2 comments

I'm trying to setup my ticketing system as follows:

I have a main Helpdesk queue which all tickets come into and several other queues which tickets will be assigned to accordingly (Server/Network/etc...). When a ticket comes into the main helpdesk queue it is assigned to the security group tied to the helpdesk queue (Also called Helpdesk). We noticed that if we assign an owner to the ticket, that user was added to the assignment with the Helpdesk secutity group. Then after assessment of the ticket, if we reassigned the ticket to another queue/security group (and did not clear the current assignments because we want the owner to stay assigned), the other security group would then get added to the ticket and show 3 assignments even though the ticket was routed to the correct queue. Is there anyway to clean the assignments up so that only one security group is shown along with the owner assigned to the ticket instead of bouncing a ticket from queue to queue and watching all of those security groups get assigned to the ticket?

Any help is appreciated. 

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Justin Dybedahl's picture

If I remember right, the owner will remain the owner until that ticket is closed (even if not on the assignments list).   The owner is responsible for the ticket until it's closure.  The only way to clear the previous assignments is to check the "clear existing assignments" box.

I'm not saying this is the recommended way, but you could create a new workflow to map the variable Incident.Owner to the assignments list and use the Send to Workflow rule action on the OnTicketAssigned ruleset (possibly on the OnTicketEdited ruleset too).  This would add the Owner back to the assignments list if the assignments list is cleared.  If you've never used this ruleset action, see the link below for a video on how to do so.

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If you take an incident and don't check that box to clear existing assignments then, as you've seen, multiple people or groups will be added to the list. If you do check that box, the owner does go away as do the permissions for the owner as far as I've seen. You would need to take Justin's recommendation and create a workflow to grab the owner and then re-add it after the queue assignment has been changed.