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Is Manual activation for PGP Personal Desktop 8.0 for Windows still possible?

Created: 03 Sep 2012 • Updated: 06 Feb 2013 | 3 comments
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I've been happily using PGP Personal Desktop 8.0 for Windows since 2004 but when I rebuilt my XP machine yesterday I found that when I went to activate it I got ""PGP is unable to contact the License Authorization server".

I spent about two hours on the phone today getting shuttled between Technical Support and Customer Service but couldn't get anybody to tell me whether its even possible to still generate a manual activation key, or even whether the License Authorization Server for PGP 8.0 was recently taken off-line.  (I'd activated the product on another reinstall in the last six months or so.)

I understand that 8.0 reached end of life in 2008 and is no longer supported but this seems a little different -- I'm just wanting to keep using the software I've paid for.

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Alex_CST's picture

You will need to get another key from Customer Care, you will no longer be able to activate a license from's license server as it doesnt exist anymore.

That should get you going, just let them know the version you currently have, they will be able to generate a new license for you 

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Customer Care will not give you another key or do a manual authorization.  They will tell you the product is no longer supported and they cannot manually authorize your version of PGP.  They will then urge you to upgrade to the latest version of PGP.

When I first bought PGP Desktop, I saw the authorization mechansim and was worried that this would happen someday.  PGP would go bankrupt (it almost did) or get bought out by a company who didn't care about the old products.  Well, it happened.  And now I'm stuck like X77686d.

Almost got into a little panic as I was wondering how I was going to read my old PGP encrypted files.  But I didn't completly blow away my old XP machine yet so still have a running copy of PGP Desktop 8.1. *sigh*

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Hey x77686d,

PGP authorization server is back up!  I just reinstalled PGP Desktop 8.1 and authorization went through!  Maybe someone at Symantec heard us.

Thanks, Symantec.