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Manual Disaster Recovery - Again

Created: 01 Apr 2014 • Updated: 04 Apr 2014 | 3 comments
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I'm using BackupExec 2012. I have migrated to this version from 10d. Right now I'm updating my Disaster Recovey Procedure before test and I'm a little bit confuse.

Restoring server is different to this which I get used to it. Symantec force SDR option. Great things I must said but I can't understand why greent indicator goes off when I deselect directory on my D: drive. There is no system crucial data on my d: drive. Could someone explain me why it is happen ? Most of administrators knows what it should be resotored.

The most important issue for me is to use manual disaster recovery. With BE 10d version when I wanted to restore the server I have just marked proper drives and system state during a single job. On BE2012 I can't do this in one time. When I press RESTORE button it appears wizard. First option is to choose FILES, FOLDERS... and second option is COMPLETE ONLINE.... When I press FILES, FOLDERS I'm able to restore all files without system state. When I press COMPLETE ONLINE... option then I'm able to restore system state but without files...madness (SDR is off).

Please advice what to do first. Should I firstly restore files and folders and then in second job system state ???

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the following links should be helpful

also check out sdr in the Admin Guide

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thank you for reply. Unfortunatly because of various reasons I'm not able to use currently SDR so I would like to ask you to help me with my second question. I asked about manual disaster recovery and what data to restore at the begining. Should I use files and folders as first job and then in second job a system state ?

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Yes. At the minimum, you should restore the entire C: drive and then the system state.

As for your first question, it could be there are some pointers in the register to your D: drive so SDR thinks that it is needed for the recovery of the machine