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Manual Full Backup_Differential Job Configuration BE2012

Created: 07 Feb 2013 | 3 comments

Hello All,

I would like to setup a Full Backup w/ Differential job with BE2012.  The full backup will use roughly 1 and 1/3 LTO 4 tapes where the remaining space will appendable in order to be used for following differential jobs which I will schedule for every Wed.  I don't know when the 2nd tape will fill up with differentials so I can't pick a specific reoccuring Full Backup schedule point.  So I'd like to initiate again the Full Backup job manually (by right clicking the job from the job list and selecting run now) when I move to use two more new tapes.  

There is a schedule selection for Full Backup "run now with no recurring schedule" however, I understand that after the job is run, it will be deleted from the job list.  Of course I don't want it to be deleted becase I'd like to run the job again manually as to not have to continually reconfigure a new Full_Differential Job.  How can I do this please?

Also, If I right click the job to "run now" does it apply to the Full Backup part of the job only and allow the schedule differential part reference the new Full Backup bit information?  


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I don't understand why you are restricting yourself to 2 tapes and stopping your backups when the two tapes are full.  What happens if you are required to restore to a point in time after you have stopped your backups.

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I do a full backup which takes roughly 1 and 1/3 tape.  I then run differentials once a week until they fill up the second tape.  Then I do the next full backup.

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Anyone have an idea if my above method is possible in BE2012.  It is what I used for the tape archives in BE 10d and I'd like to continue with this.  Tapes ain't cheep!