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"Manual Scan" happeing automatically

Created: 24 Jan 2012 | 4 comments

Running SEP 12.1.1000.157 RU1.  I've got a problem that every day at around 1PM, my unmanaged client suddenly starts a "manual scan".  By that, I mean the scanning window pops up, grabs focus, and acts just as I'd expect if I asked for a manual scan.

I've gone all though the settings, and I can't see what's triggering this.  Under "Scan for Threats" there is a "Scheduled Active Scan" but it's set for 6AM.  And if I didn't look at my logs, I'd never know it had run.  My "problem child" is leaving the windows up so when I come in on Monday, I have 2-3 windows to close.

I've checked "Scheduled Tasks" in Control Panel, but I didn't see anything there.

This is happening on my Win7-64bit machine and I have reports of it happening on another WinXP machine. 

Any clues?


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Please check the policy for the scan schedule.

Scan for Threats > select the scan name > rt-click edit.

Scan schedule tab > Missed schedule scans

- I suggest you make sure the the option is unchecked or set the retry to a lower time.

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I'll give that a shot, but it appears from the Windows logs that the 6AM scan completed successfully, so I wouldn't expect it to run a "missed scan".

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Nope.  It happened again.  I verified that the settings "stuck".  Any other suggestions?

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See if the other user profiles in the said PC also has scheduled scans configured and remove that as well. Especially the local administrator.

And if the scan still persists, you can ask for the 'scheduled scan' removal utility: Article URL

“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.”